Testimonials ...

Training and Certification

"Making strategic well planned change a part of my toolbox has proven to be invaluable."

"I liked the dialogue with other professionals about their change management experiences."

"The course really hit the mark for us. We really appreciated your very professional approach and depth of knowledge in change management. The flow of the course was great in terms of interaction from the group and small break-outs" - Principal

"The training was incredibly informative, interesting and relevant to my current situation. I tend to be hypercritical and often don’t take much from professional certifications. I can honestly say that this is not the case. I am really looking forward to applying what I learned and passing along the information to my colleagues." Project Manager

"The Change Management training was just what we needed going into the fiscal year" Manager Provider Outreach and Clinical Education

"I found the one-on-one training and interactive communication very helpful and effective. It allowed me the time to share actual change management scenarios that I am presently working through with clients. By engaging in open-ended discussions, I was able to identify situational problem areas and create road maps to achieve successful solutions.” Chief Innovation Officer

"Best training I have ever attended with regard to content (theoretical) and relevance (practical).” Executive Director

“I have already used some of the tools before attending but still found this very informative and useful. The best part of the session was sharing stories and applying the tools and concepts to participant projects." Senior Consultant of Performance Improvement

"This session worked great for us. The one-on-one conversation was very helpful and insightful. What I like about their approach is that they are very clear and easy to understand. This information is usable and re-usable regardless of the magnitude of the change being implemented. Much easier and applicable than working in theory." Manager IS Planning & Administration

"I was really impressed by how you put together the logistics of the training…having done things like it for the last 20 years, I have my own set of “horror” stories of things that didn’t go well, but your event went off without a hitch visible to us!" Senior Training Specialist


"Thankful to have your perspective and insight."

"Helped bring order to a significant organizational change."

“Change Guides successfully supported us through a large financial system consolidation.  The project was complex as it involved multiple cultures as well as geographic locations.  Their consulting services helped us to bring order to a significant organizational change.  Their work included the many aspects of change management such as creating a project plan, providing written communication, stakeholder engagement, training, meeting facilitation and even graphics.  From their extensive change management experience, they have created many effective tools that are easy to use.   We will continue to apply the strategies we learned as our business grows and evolves.” AVP Organizational Development

“I just wanted to say a BIG thank you...Change Guides does marvelous work and I am always thankful to have your perspective and insight.  You add a lot of value to the team.” Data Management Leader

"They're helping us assess our company culture and understand what are the best aspects and what are areas we perhaps need to work on." CEO

“We all agree that it was nice to partner with a company who is as passionately committed to the technology and user experience as we are!  Specifically, we appreciated being able to strategically brainstorm with you the best approach to change management on this challenging and variable project.  Change Guides also provided a grounding presence that kept us on point and focused when things heated up.  And the execution support was invaluable—thanks for all those early meetings with Europe.   It is also nice to know that when you agree to create a deliverable or communication, I know that it will come back clear, on-point, and with the user audience in mind.  It takes work-load off my plate which I appreciate greatly!” Productivity Mgt. Project Manager

"Change Guides is a very good moniker for them. They're like frontiersmen of old that led us into new territory." CEO, mid-sized Services company

"As we adopt electronic clinical documentation building a system for all documentation to be electronic, across all disciplines and locations and at all levels - Change Guides is helping to steer the project. Aaron and Nelson are doing readiness assessments, creating customized tools for the various employee groups and overseeing many technical requirements." Director for Performance Improvement and Consulting


Managing Change In an Agile World

"I was so excited to receive a copy of this fantastic book in the mail. The book did this subject justice. This is a real world guide giving you tools you can use immediately."

The Change Management Pocket Guide

"The Pocket Guide gives great, practical ideas for helping get my team ready for big organizational changes."

"If you're new to managing projects or dealing with resistance to change, this guide will step you through the process, remind you what you need to do next, give you clear tips and strategies and tell you when you've achieved a successful outcome. Tons of great information packed into this handy guide. Worth every penny and then some!" Amazon Customer

"Whether I'm implementing a major process or structural change across my department or seeking general buy-in and support for a new program or message, the tools and tips in this book have become an important part of my approach. The accessible, down-to-earth style of the book takes what most of us think of as the "nice to haves" we don't always have time for and turns them into simple, tangible actions. If you manage people and teams, if motivating and influencing others are critical to your success, then I suggest you buy one for your pocket - and for the pockets of everyone on your team!" Amazon Customer

"Finally! A resource about HOW to manage change! My staff and I finally have a resource that helps walk us through HOW to manage change. The tools are easy to use, thorough, and - most importantly - very effective. The Change Management Pocket Guide is an invaluable resource for anyone trying to drive change." CFO

"This is a good overview in a pocket format for Change Management. The forms are useful, and can be translated pretty directly to implementations of change management. If you are looking for a practical outline for implementing change management, check this out." Amazon Customer

"A great resource for anyone seriously bringing about change in a corporate environment" Performance Consultant

"The Change Management Pocket Guide provides a straight forward approach to understanding how change affects people and organizations, then offers forms and techniques to mitigate the effects." Amazon Customer

"This handy little guide has tools to help you plan, conduct and sustain change. As far as I'm concerned, this is a "must have" guide for anyone who manages projects. No fluff, just tools you can put to use immediately." Amazon Customer

"The change management pocket guide provides some excellent forms for those already familiar with the process." Amazon Customer

"Change Management Pocket Guide and templates The Communication Plan tool was extremely valuable in developing a communication plan for one of my clients to generate buy-in for their strategic plan" Managing Director