Our international network of Change Guides affiliates provide a wide range of change consulting, training, products and support. Some are distributors. Others are Certified Change Management licensees that stand ready to assist your team in creating a strategy, implement a change plan, or coach executive leadership on the pitfalls and best practices of todays change management landscape.

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Change Guides LLC

Towers of Kenwood (map)
8044 Montgomery Rd. Suite 700
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Cinncinnati Office: 8044 Montgomery Road, Cincinnati, OH 45236 Cincinnati, OH 45236
Ph: +1 (513) 354-9503
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Willow Consulting

Leo Wilson

EO Consulting, CA

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Ruth Younie

The Right Side, AR

Esmeralda 950
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Laura Montiel

Serving :: Argentina, Mexico, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Chile


Leo Wilson


Willow Consulting is a focused energetic team delivering well defined business outcomes through improving communications and lowering resistance to change. Our methods and guiding principles have developed over the past twenty years of implementing change programs of work in Australia.

Willow consultants are certified change managers, using Change Guides 101 methodology.

Our consultants are engaging facilitators. They work at many levels in an organization to develop change management strategies to support current business drivers.

Willow Consulting planning and review process captures the current state of an organizations readiness for change. Within this context the consultants then apply the change best practice guiding principles, processes and tools that integrate into business initiatives and support and maintain on-going behavioral change.

What people say about Willow Consulting:

The practical approach Willow Consultants bring to managing change is simply outstanding! Their methods and processes help organizations change through increasing individual's commitment to the new business outcomes. Willow consultants are very engaging and a highly effective team. For any senior executive looking for guidance with a project involving change, I thoroughly recommend Willow Consulting, who use the internationally accepted Change Guides methodology. Bob Cupitt. CEO The Learning Edge International